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CONGRATULATIONS to the 3 awardees of the ‘Excellence in Student Mentoring Award' in 2020-21!!


The Center hopes to establish a strong culture of care and support for students and these awards help to promote the importance of mentoring and honors mentors’ leadership contribution. In addition, these awards recognize students who have excelled in their contribution to the Peer Mentoring Program.

The recipients of the ‘Excellence in Student Mentoring Awards’ in 2020-21 are:

  • CHAN, Chak Him Year 3, BSc Economics and Finance
  • DEODHAR, Aditi Parag , Year 4, BBA Management
  • HUNG, Chak Lung, Year 2, BSc Quantitative Finance

The awards were presented by the Center Director, Professor Allen Huang. Not only did the awardees go beyond requirements of the Peer Mentoring Program and willingly took initiative to assist, support, and frequently communicate with mentees online/offline/in-person during the pandemic, but also helped to spread a message of caring by listening and bonding with Mentees and sharing personal life experiences.

CHAN, Chak Him Donald

‘This is the second year for me to participate in the Peer Mentoring Program, and I genuinely enjoyed the process… Besides being unable to enjoy normal university life, it was also difficult to organize any social events due to the pandemic. Despite these difficulties, I still tried my best to provide supports and build up their friendships. I hope that my mentees could take part in next year’s mentoring program and build the UST community together.’

DEODHAR, Aditi Parag

‘Through the Peer Mentoring Program, my mentees and I were both rewarded with an enriching experience of meeting like-minded people, sharing our stories, and learning from each other’s mistakes. It helped me empathize with my fellow students better and also improve my interpersonal skills, while reflecting on my university experiences. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity to serve my fellow HKUST members and help co-create a supportive and engaged community of students.’

HUNG, Chak Lung Kenji

‘The SBM Peer Mentoring Program provides meaningful opportunities for business students to help year one students adapt to university life. As senior students, we understand the main concerns and difficulties faced they would face. In the past few months, all Peer Mentors have dedicated themselves to organizing different activities and answering mentees’ questions actively to strengthen their sense of belonging. I encourage all warm-hearted business students to join this Mentoring Program. You will for sure gain valuable experience and expand your social network.’

Let’s congratulate the awardees in their outstanding participation in their Peer Mentoring journey!