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The Fall 2023 faculty and staff training workshop, SIP AND SIGN Latte Art Workshop, was successfully held on Dec 4, 2023. The workshop was led by talented hearing-impaired baristas from My Little Coffee with 30 enthusiastic faculty, advisors, and student peer mentors.

By incorporating sign language into latte milk art teaching, the workshop broke down communication barriers and promoted inclusivity - creating an environment where participants could learn both the art of latte making and the beauty of sign language simultaneously.

In addition to promoting inclusivity, the workshop also fostered bonding between staff, advisors, and students. The collaborative nature of the event encouraged interaction and strengthened relationships within the SBM community. Participants engaged in meaningful conversations while honing their latte art skills, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie. Subsequently, it enhanced the communication skills and awareness of participants’ empathy too.

Stay tuned for our next Faculty and Staff training workshop in the Spring and join the fun!