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To kick-start the new academic year, nearly 600 freshmen were invited to attend the Academic Advising Session and the Peer Mentoring Day held on August 12. Student mentors and freshmen mentees enjoyed the time together and engaging in the session.

The Academic Advising Session provided detailed information to freshmen about the curriculum, course registration, resources available, and various other academic-related matters at SBM. During the session, new students also had a chance to meet the representatives of SBM Student Ambassadors Program (BSA), Business Cohort Community (BCC), as well as Business Students’ Union (BSU) and learn more about these student societies.

Following the Academic Advising Session, freshmen met their Peer Mentors in small groups and participated in fun ice-breaking games and activities. Both Mentors and Mentees had an engaging time together.

The Peer Mentoring Program aims to help new students adapt to the university and strengthen their sense of belonging to the School. Not only can new students get useful tips and guidance for university life from their Peer Mentors, they can also mingle with their counterparts and make new friends on this momentous occasion.