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The UG Get-Together is sponsored by the Dr. Karen Lee Memorial Fund and provides an opportunity for faculty, staff advisors and students to mix and mingle in a relaxed environment with the objective to strengthen a culture of care in undergraduate student mentoring. These gatherings are open drop-in, allowing students to ‘take a break’ from their studies and enjoy a friendly chit chat with faculty and staff and among themselves with no set agenda.
Events in 2023-24
Nov 29, 2023
Cheers for Exams - Fall 2023
On Nov 29, 2023, the 3rd UG Get-Together in Fall 2023 became an exam cheering station at the Karen Lee Center to show support to our hard-working students.
Oct 31, 2023
Happy Halloween!
On Oct 31, over 250 students participated in the 2nd UG Get-Together to celebrate Halloween at Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center! Students had great fun playing at the game booth and capturing the precious moment at the photo booth.
Sep 28, 2023
Welcome Back to School - Fall 2023
The first UG Get-Together of the Fall 2023 semester was successfully held last week on Sept 28 to welcome Students ‘Back to School’ in the Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center! 
Events in 2022-23
May 3, 2023
UG Get-Together - Cheers for Exams
On May 3, 2023, the 3rd UG Get-Together in Spring 2023 became an exam cheering station for students at the Karen Lee Center and it was a tremendous success.
Mar 30, 2023
Happy Easter!
The 2nd UG Get-Together in Spring 2023 to celebrate EASTER held on 30 March at the Karen Lee Center, was a great success!! More than 200 students joined the event with fabulous games and Easter bunny prizes! 
Feb 14, 2023
Happy Valentine's Day!
The first UG Get-Together in Spring 2023 was successfully held Feb 14, 2023 to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Many students joined the event to mingle, play games, and win prizes.
Nov 23, 2022
Happy Thanksgiving!
The 3rd UG Get-Together of the Fall semester was successfully held last week on November 23 to celebrate THANKSGIVING DAY! Students came by the Center to express their heartfelt thanks to their teachers by writing thank you letters. Over 40+ letters were written by students to express their heartfelt gratitude to faculty. 
Oct 31, 2022
Happy Halloween 2022
The 2nd UG Get-Together of the Fall semester was successfully held on Oct 31, 2022 to celebrate HALLOWEEN at the Center. Students took photos at the PHOTO BOOTH and played PING PONG CUP at the game booth!  
Sep 15, 2022
Welcome Back to School!
The 1st UG Get-Together of Fall semester to welcome students back to school was successfully held on Sept 15, 2022 in the Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center! Over 200 students participated in this fun event with free prizes from our Egg Capsule Machine! 
Isabella YU
BBA OM & IS, Year 3
UG Get Togethers helps me make a lot of friends! I went to several special events during festivals with my friends and had good times there. The activities and games are fun and casual, and I can freely chat with the fellow students there. It is also fun to see a lot of people from different backgrounds and countries connected together through laughter and fun times. These amazing memories and experience helped me through my downtimes and will always support me.
Tracy LEE
BBA FINA & IS, Year 3
UG Get-Togethers provided us with a wonderful opportunity to socialize. While escaping the stress and tension, we enjoyed the free food and interact with friends. One of the most memorable events to me is photo-taking booth. We could enjoy the Halloween vibe and leave good memories. Not at all, we have the golden chance to get to know more UST staff and professors. Overall, it is a very nice chance to make friends!
Giancarlo GONZAGA
I make it a point not to miss any UG Get-Togethers. And it’s not just about the free food and drinks (think pizza, iced tea, and chocolates galore!), the colorful seasonal decorations, or even the photo booths with tons of whimsical paraphernalia. It’s about taking a break from stress and tension on campus. It’s about spending time with friends, professors, and classmates, and getting to know them better (especially those acquaintances we pretty much only ever meet once). UG Get-Togethers are about the thrilling opportunities to make fun social memories that stay with us past exams, past vacations, and even past graduation.
Past UG Get-Togethers