Career Mentorship Program
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The Career Mentorship Program aims at providing valuable opportunities for our undergraduate business students to seek advice on career direction and life goals from Mentors who are experienced professionals and senior executives from across different industries. In addition to ongoing self-organized interaction opportunities, structured program-level gatherings will be organized to facilitate the two-way participation between Mentors and Mentees throughout the mentorship period.
Application Information
Mentee's Eligibility: 
  • SBM undergraduate students in specified years

Mentee Commitment:

  • Attend at least two of the program-level activities arranged by the School
  • Required to initiate and arrange appropriate activities/meetings with mentors
  • Required to submit a year plan with the proposed schedule and feasible format of meetings (Note: mentees are expected to meet/contact mentors at least 3 - 4 times during the program)
  • Required to be proactive and keep close communication with mentors whenever appropriate
  • Required to update and report your progress of meetings with at least 7 photos taken with your mentors twice in a year
  • Required to submit a reflective paper of no less than 500 words


  • 12 months from intake month

Application Period:

  • For October Intake – from mid Aug to early Sep
  • For March Intake – from mid Jan to mid Feb

Application Process:

  • Online application
  • Shortlisted students will be interviewed

*Subject to yearly/semesterly changes by SBM

Events in 2022-23
Aug 5, 2023
Career Mentorship Program - Candle Making Workshop
Had a fantastic morning on Aug 5 at the candle making workshop for our career mentors and mentees. It was a great opportunity for everyone to unwind, get creative, and bond over a fun activity. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did! Stay tuned for more exciting events and activities from HKUST Business School UG Career Mentorship Program.
Apr 14, 2023
Career Mentorship Program - Welcome Reception (Apr 2023)

On April 14, we welcomed over 60 career mentors and mentees at a networking reception. The event was filled with great food and drinks, engaging conversations and positive vibes. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all returning and new mentors who have dedicated their personal time to help these young people with their career planning and development.

Jan 14, 2023
Career Mentorship Program - Chinese Tea Appreciation Workshop

On Jan 14, career mentors and mentees gathered at the Chinese Tea Appreciation Workshops to discover the finer nuances of different flavors of tea, learn how to taste test a tea and get to brew premium tea using proper tools. They had an interactive, educational and hands-on experience to explore the art of tea in the workshops.

Nov 4, 2022
Career Mentorship Program - Welcome Reception

On Nov 4, over 80 career mentors and mentees attended the welcome reception for the 11th and 12th HKUST Business School UG Career Mentorship Program. The event was filled with great food and drinks, engaging conversations and positive vibes. We would  like to extend our deepest gratitude to all returning and new mentors who have dedicated their personal time to help these young people with their career planning and development.
Aug 27, 2022
Career Mentorship Program - Rainbow Mooncake Bakery Workshop
In celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival, the team organized a mooncake workshop for mentors and mentees from 10th and 11th intakes to learn how to make Taiwanese style mooncakes. Each participant was able to bring home a box of six colorful mooncakes for their friends or family.
Kelvin YU
Human Resources Director, LG Household & Health Care HK
Despite the influence of the social movement activities and COVID-19, I am glad to meet Ju and Trista in person two times apart from electronic means. It is grateful to know them since they are energetic, proactive and curious about future career. And interestingly, I get to know a Korean mentee in my Korean career journey. Hope they like my sharing and I look forward to staying in touch with them.
BBA ACCT, Year 3
I've gotten a lot of realistic advice and help from Mentor Kelvin in regards to interview processes and the professional working environment in Hong Kong. I am grateful to have met Mentor Kelvin and Trista through this Mentorship Program and will look forward to keeping in contact with them.
Trista TANG
BBA MGMT, Year 3
The SBM UG Career Mentorship Program has been a very fruitful experience for me. I have gained a lot in personal growth and finding my career path. My mentor, Kelvin, has inspired me not only in job-related areas but also given me so much useful advice. Thank you, mentor, Kelvin and Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center for organizing the program!
Dorris LEUNG
Sr. Service Manager, Standard Chartered Bank
The mentorship program enables us to connect with current students, it feels like a jamming with artists from different generations and backgrounds, it always sparks off some surprises. The journey with John and Katharina has been very inspiring. The chemistry worked well as we shared the same passion of self-improvements with an open mind. Every time we caught up, it reminded me to stay aspired to our dream, keep a can-do attitude in mid of uncertainties, and read our world with fresh eyes, like the Day One I was admitted to HKUST and at my first job after graduated. Everyone of us can make a difference at any ages, so let's join us to explore a mentorship journey to give back, to refresh and to make some positive influence.
BSc ECOF, Year 3
It is amazing to have Dorris to be my mentor. She taught us not only the keys to success in the financial industry, but also how to strike a balance between excellence at work and life. I appreciate everything she has done for me, thank you!
Katharina ZHOU
BBA GBUS, Year 3
I was very lucky to meet Dorris. Throughout the year, she has been taking us out for sharings and catch-ups every month, and always giving us useful advice. Beyond personal development, Dorris also shared with us her travel experience in Iran, from the people she encountered to the things she witnessed, these experience truly inspired us a lot.
Past Career Mentorship Program