Take Faculty to Lunch
Activities | Take Faculty to Lunch
The purpose of this program is to enhance mentoring relationships between faculty and students through a friendly and casual opportunity where they can meet and interact with each other. Students invite their favorite faculty, along with 1-2 schoolmates, for a casual on-campus lunch or tea/coffee sponsored by the Center.
Application Information
  • All SBM Undergraduate Students

Application Period:

  • Fall Semester: September, Online Application
  • Spring Semester: February, Online Application

Matching Process:

  • Students can indicate where and which Faculty they would like to have lunch/tea with in the application.
  • SBM will match all requests and make the gathering arrangements for professors and students accordingly.

Lunch/Tea Costs:

  • Covered by SBM; up to max of HK$100/person.

Suggested Discussion Topics:

  • Major Selections
  • Career Planning
  • Career Prospects
  • Personal Growth
  • Minor Programs
  • Social Issues

*Subject to yearly/semesterly changes by SBM

Events in 2023-24
Fall 2023
Gatherings with Faculty
  • Gatherings Organized: 36
  • Invited Faculty: 30
  • Participating Students: 96
Events in 2022-23
Spring 2023
Gatherings with Faculty
  • Gatherings Organized: 50
  • Invited Faculty: 44
  • Participating Students: 108
Professor Martha JEONG
MGMT Faculty
This is a wonderful opportunity for faculty and students to engage with one another in a more casual setting outside the classroom. I’ve had a lovely time at each of these lunches and look forward to meeting more students. Would encourage all students to take different faculty out to lunch!
Linda WU
BSc SGFN, Year 2
It is great to speak more outside the classroom with excellent professors like Professor Martha. Take Faculty to Lunch provides both staff and students the awesome opportunity to converse more closely on various topics of interest and connect. Thank you!
Professor Veronique J A LAFON-VINAIS
FINA Faculty
The program is a great way to get to know students on a personal level and be able to understand what they are concerned about. It helps faculty to connect better with the younger generation and to provide them with guidance and support while allowing students to see faculty as relatable human beings rather than remote academics.
BBA FINA, Year 2
“Take Faculty to Lunch” is a great initiative, since it provides a two-way communication platform for students like me to connect with wonderful professors like Veronique. We enjoyed our time and we had so much fun! We talked about our lives, competitions, internships, and we even talked about our families and you will never find it more interesting to discover the primary school life of the professors! It's my pleasure to join such meaningful activity and I am sure you guys would like it too!
Past Take Faculty to Lunch