Student Advising Services
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
With my advisor's professional and soulful support, I found it easy to immerse myself in university life! She has been doing her best to help me out with academics, personal development, and kindly advised me on how to improve my experience here at UST. With her support, I have made my way to the IIM - my dream major!
Suet Yee CHAN
BBA MARK, Year 3
Not only did Forrest give me a lot of useful advice regarding different aspects of my U life, such as going exchange and setting academic goals, he also is my friend who encouraged me when I was down. We had many great times together. I’m grateful to have such a responsible and helpful advisor in HKUST!
Chak Lam ZHENG
BBA FINA, Year 2
My advisor is a patient and extremely helpful advisor. He not only helped me a lot with academic difficulties, but also with career and exchange advice. He didn’t mind me bothering him with tons of emails and appointments which made me feel secure in my freshman years and the exchange experience.
Career Mentorship Program
Kelvin YU
Human Resources Director, LG Household & Health Care HK
Despite the influence of the social movement activities and COVID-19, I am glad to meet Ju and Trista in person two times apart from electronic means. It is grateful to know them since they are energetic, proactive and curious about future career. And interestingly, I get to know a Korean mentee in my Korean career journey. Hope they like my sharing and I look forward to staying in touch with them.
BBA ACCT, Year 3
I've gotten a lot of realistic advice and help from Mentor Kelvin in regards to interview processes and the professional working environment in Hong Kong. I am grateful to have met Mentor Kelvin and Trista through this Mentorship Program and will look forward to keeping in contact with them.
Trista TANG
BBA MGMT, Year 3
The SBM UG Career Mentorship Program has been a very fruitful experience for me. I have gained a lot in personal growth and finding my career path. My mentor, Kelvin, has inspired me not only in job-related areas but also given me so much useful advice. Thank you, mentor, Kelvin and Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center for organizing the program!
Public Service Internship Scholarships
Lucia MO
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Summer 2022-23, Storius Limited
Interning at Storius Limited has been a transformative experience that has expanded my horizons and equipped me with valuable skills. From the moment I joined, I was captivated by the company's mission to connect people and places through resonant stories. Unlike traditional for-profit organizations, Storius prioritizes community well-being and fosters a democratic and collaborative work environment. I had the opportunity to contribute to decision-making processes and even suggested a new feature that will soon be launched. Overall, my internship at Storius Limited has been an invaluable journey that has prepared me for future endeavors and enriched my perspective on work and life.
Ruby Lam
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Winter 2022-23, Shih Wing Ching Foundation
During my internship, I expected to learn practical skills like data handling and administrative tasks. However, I gained so much more. The NGO, Shih Wing Ching Foundation, taught me the importance of diversity and inclusion. Working alongside employees with disabilities shattered my preconceived notions. I witnessed their outstanding work performance and realized that our biases hinder their job opportunities. I learned to appreciate everyone's strengths, regardless of their background or abilities. Overall, I am grateful for this internship experience and the lessons it taught me. I have developed a caring and respectful attitude towards others, which will shape my future behavior. I am also thankful for the incredible supervisor and friend I met during this unforgettable journey.
Marvin Poon
Winter 2021-22, Storius Limited
During my time at Storius Limited, I learnt a series of meaningful lessons. Thanks to my supervisor and fellow colleagues' support, I could unleash my potential and strive for excellence in my internship. I could also gain the most insights related to innovation and cultural tourism by actively participating in the operations and projects of multiple departments. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Dr Karen Lee Memorial Fund for granting me this priceless opportunity to serve and acknowledging my efforts in Storius Limited by the PSIS.
Peer Mentoring Program
Gregorius Brian TENARDI
Peer Mentor
BBA FINA & IS, Year 3
The Peer mentoring program acts as a platform to engage with the new students and contribute to the SBM community and HKUST as a whole. I feel satisfied to be able to introduce them to our culture and help them adapt. A highly rewarding experience throughout!
Aditi Parag DEODHAR
Peer Mentor
MGMT, Year 3
The Peer Mentoring Program is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people and learn from their stories and diverse experiences. It has helped me understand and empathize with my fellow students better and also improve my people skills. It’s also lovely to be able to give back to my alma mater and help co-create a supportive and engaged community of students!
Gillian Sero DEL MUNDO
Peer Mentor
BBA GBUS, Year 2
I was eager to help the freshmen adjust to their first year at HKUST. The mentors I had when I was a freshman provided a lot of help and useful advice, which is something I will always be grateful for. It was fun holding activities for the freshman to meet their first friends at School and also shaping their first moments here at HKUST.
Peer Mentoring Program Committee
CHO, Yuk Ching Eunice
Peer Mentoring Program Committee, Graphics and Design Team
As a Peer Mentoring Committee member of the graphics team, I have the chance to not only help incoming freshman, but also be able to seize this opportunity to practice my leadership skills, support my peers, and work with people from different disciplinary. I was all at sea when I first came into HKUST, where the Peer Mentoring Committee has allowed me to try a lot of new things and has helped me in finding my calling. This is where talents are truly embraced. We plan events, generate design ideas, produce videos, and together we make a positive impact in our HKUST community!
IP, Ching Stephanie
Peer Mentoring Program Committee, Events Team
BBA FINA and OM, Year 3
Peer Mentoring Committee allows me to promote personal growth. Not only can I build relationships with fellows and professors, but also sharpen my event management skills. Involving in the idea generation process for UG-Get-Together and planning the event from scratch, I gain the opportunity to communicate frequently with teammates and SBM staff members. It is also very nice to see the smiling faces of the participants! Join us and meet new faces!
JEON, Sooin
Peer Mentoring Program Committee, Media Team
BBA MARK, Year 2
The Peer Mentoring Program Committee (PMC) is a warm community that acts as a bridge between the Business School and students. It was a great opportunity to enrich my communication, leadership, and media creation skills. I was able to always try something new and turn rough ideas into our team's desired outcomes. One of the projects I enjoyed was producing PMC's first official video starting from scratch with my supportive teammates and staff members. I am truly happy to have made both tangible and intangible memories in my one and only university life.
Excellence in Mentoring Awards
THIA, Yee Xin
Peer Mentor Awardee (2022-23)
BBA Global Business, Year 2
As I joined the Peer Mentoring Program in my sophomore year, I can say that it has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. Through the mentoring process, I have gained a lot of new knowledge from my mentees and have a better understanding of their current situations and concerns. I feel pleased when they ask for my assistance with academics or other matters. Being a mentor makes me feel that I have the responsibility to be a role model to my mentees, which inspires and motivates me. I believe that mentoring is not only a means of providing guidance to other people but also allows us to have a better understanding of ourselves and realize our inner thoughts. As this is only my sophomore year, I believe that in the future, I will contribute and share more valuable experiences with my mentees through the Peer Mentoring Program while maintaining my passion and being a responsible peer mentor to provide further guidance to students when they need my assistance.
LAW, Hoi Yan
Peer Mentor Awardee (2022-23)
BBA Marketing, Year 4
It was my honor to participate in the Peer Mentoring program in my final year to contribute my knowledge back to our junior students. This program offered me an opportunity to make friends with a group of freshmen and become their "frientor" that my mentees would always talk to, share their feelings with and ask for help without hesitation. Throughout this journey, it was meaningful for me to empower and encourage our freshmen to pursue their own dreams at HKUST by supporting them academically and mentally with companionship, helping them to get through the ups and downs in their first year and finally celebrating their success together. I am glad that my mentees are inspired by me to develop interest in becoming a peer mentor to serve other students and spread out the helping culture at HKUST in the future.
Peer Mentor Awardee (2021-22)
BBA Management, Year 3
The SBM Peer Mentoring Program connects me and other fantastic people within the same school. Instead of helping mentees, this platform provides me a precious opportunity to build a life-long relationship and grow with them together. It is so gratifying to see my mentees adapt to university life, explore various possibilities and unlock their potential in this amazing environment.
Take Faculty to Lunch
Professor Martha JEONG
MGMT Faculty
This is a wonderful opportunity for faculty and students to engage with one another in a more casual setting outside the classroom. I’ve had a lovely time at each of these lunches and look forward to meeting more students. Would encourage all students to take different faculty out to lunch!
Linda WU
BSc SGFN, Year 2
It is great to speak more outside the classroom with excellent professors like Professor Martha. Take Faculty to Lunch provides both staff and students the awesome opportunity to converse more closely on various topics of interest and connect. Thank you!
Professor Veronique J A LAFON-VINAIS
FINA Faculty
The program is a great way to get to know students on a personal level and be able to understand what they are concerned about. It helps faculty to connect better with the younger generation and to provide them with guidance and support while allowing students to see faculty as relatable human beings rather than remote academics.
UG Get-Togethers
Isabella YU
BBA OM & IS, Year 3
UG Get Togethers helps me make a lot of friends! I went to several special events during festivals with my friends and had good times there. The activities and games are fun and casual, and I can freely chat with the fellow students there. It is also fun to see a lot of people from different backgrounds and countries connected together through laughter and fun times. These amazing memories and experience helped me through my downtimes and will always support me.
Tracy LEE
BBA FINA & IS, Year 3
UG Get-Togethers provided us with a wonderful opportunity to socialize. While escaping the stress and tension, we enjoyed the free food and interact with friends. One of the most memorable events to me is photo-taking booth. We could enjoy the Halloween vibe and leave good memories. Not at all, we have the golden chance to get to know more UST staff and professors. Overall, it is a very nice chance to make friends!
Giancarlo GONZAGA
I make it a point not to miss any UG Get-Togethers. And it’s not just about the free food and drinks (think pizza, iced tea, and chocolates galore!), the colorful seasonal decorations, or even the photo booths with tons of whimsical paraphernalia. It’s about taking a break from stress and tension on campus. It’s about spending time with friends, professors, and classmates, and getting to know them better (especially those acquaintances we pretty much only ever meet once). UG Get-Togethers are about the thrilling opportunities to make fun social memories that stay with us past exams, past vacations, and even past graduation.
Faculty and Staff Training
Professor Yang LU
ECON Faculty
I recently had the pleasure of attending an outing event with my colleagues to make mosaic art lamps, and I have to say, it was an incredible experience. The event was very well organized, and it provided the perfect opportunity for us to connect outside of work while also learning about Turkish culture. The laid-back atmosphere made it easy to unwind and enjoy ourselves, and it was a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the semester. Overall, I would highly recommend this outing to anyone looking for a fun, educational, and engaging activity to do with colleagues or friends.
Ms. Winnie Hung
Instructional Assistant
MARK Department
It was a fabulous afternoon with colleagues in this Christmas Wreath Workshop. When we stepped into the room, the fresh pine scent and cozy ambience were inviting and relaxing. It’s not often that I get the chance to spend a couple of hours doing something creative in such nice surroundings. The preparation and detailed instructions from Bonart were wonderful. Thank you for organizing such an enjoyable experience and now we have beautiful festive decorations in the office for this Christmas!
Professor Sujata VISARIA
ECON Faculty
I very much enjoyed the indoor climbing workshop organiZed by the Karen Lee Mentoring Centre. The training allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and try something that I would not have done on my own. We were a cooperative, positive-minded group. Everyone supported and encouraged everyone else. I'm very glad to have colleagues like these. Special shout-out to Lynn Pi who was my partner in the final challenge!