Excellence in Mentoring Awards
KEI, Sze Man
Peer Mentor Awardee (2023-24)
BBA Accounting, Year 2
During my sophomore year, I served as a peer mentor, guiding freshmen in their transition to university life. My role was multifaceted, encompassing academic support and assisting them in thriving at the university. Sharing my experiences was particularly fulfilling; I could relate to their challenges with my prior experience and offer practical advice, easing their transition and fostering a sense of belonging. I am pleased to have gained the trust of my mentees, who seek my assistance not only related to academics but also other matters. Throughout this journey, it was meaningful for me to motivate my mentees to pursue their dreams at HKUST and to support them through the ups and downs. These experiences have taught me that mentoring is not only about sharing knowledge and experiences but also about fostering personal growth and building lasting relationships. As I continue my journey as a peer mentor, I am committed to maintaining my passion and leveraging my experiences to help my schoolmates.
LAM, Wing Tung
Peer Mentor Awardee (2023-24)
BBA Operations Management, Year 2
It is my honour to be selected as one of the awardee for Excellence in Mentoring Award. Iit has been a valuable experience for me sharing my fruitful experience in HKUST, internship and exchange. Being a peer mentor is not only a process of giving back to our freshmen, but also a journey to gain insights. Through catching up with mentees, I get to learn more about their views and ideas while studying or planning about their future. I am glad to have this programme for students to connect and support each other in our university life.
THIA, Yee Xin
Peer Mentor Awardee (2022-23)
BBA Global Business, Year 2
As I joined the Peer Mentoring Program in my sophomore year, I can say that it has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. Through the mentoring process, I have gained a lot of new knowledge from my mentees and have a better understanding of their current situations and concerns. I feel pleased when they ask for my assistance with academics or other matters. Being a mentor makes me feel that I have the responsibility to be a role model to my mentees, which inspires and motivates me. I believe that mentoring is not only a means of providing guidance to other people but also allows us to have a better understanding of ourselves and realize our inner thoughts. As this is only my sophomore year, I believe that in the future, I will contribute and share more valuable experiences with my mentees through the Peer Mentoring Program while maintaining my passion and being a responsible peer mentor to provide further guidance to students when they need my assistance.
LAW, Hoi Yan
Peer Mentor Awardee (2022-23)
BBA Marketing, Year 4
It was my honor to participate in the Peer Mentoring program in my final year to contribute my knowledge back to our junior students. This program offered me an opportunity to make friends with a group of freshmen and become their "frientor" that my mentees would always talk to, share their feelings with and ask for help without hesitation. Throughout this journey, it was meaningful for me to empower and encourage our freshmen to pursue their own dreams at HKUST by supporting them academically and mentally with companionship, helping them to get through the ups and downs in their first year and finally celebrating their success together. I am glad that my mentees are inspired by me to develop interest in becoming a peer mentor to serve other students and spread out the helping culture at HKUST in the future.
Peer Mentor Awardee (2021-22)
BBA Management, Year 3
The SBM Peer Mentoring Program connects me and other fantastic people within the same school. Instead of helping mentees, this platform provides me a precious opportunity to build a life-long relationship and grow with them together. It is so gratifying to see my mentees adapt to university life, explore various possibilities and unlock their potential in this amazing environment.
JAIN, Aman
Peer Mentor Awardee (2021-22)
BBA Management, Year 2
Being a Peer Mentor has been quite the rewarding experience for me! Through this program, I've had the chance to interact with some of the younger, brighter minds that come into UST. I've had the chance to develop myself as a person, while providing assistance and support of various kinds for students. I'm honored to have received this chance to share my thoughts and experiences with the freshmen, and hope that I have helped make a welcoming environment for them to smoothly transition their way in to!
WONG, Cheuk Sing Tony
Peer Mentor Awardee (2021-22)
BBA Operation Management and Management, Year 3
It is my pleasure to serve the freshman and connect them through the Peer Mentoring program. We may have felt lonely under the pandemic, so the program offered the opportunity to take care of each other and learn from senior students, like sharing my success and failure with Associate Degree students after studying in HKUST for one year. I was so grateful to see most of them actively participating in university life.
WONG, Wai Kit
Peer Mentor Awardee (2021-22)
BBA Operation Management and Marketing, Year 3
The SBM Peer Mentoring Program is one of the most rewarding experiences of my university life. This program provides opportunities for both senior students and freshmen to get to know each other at HKUST and we can further develop our career with the benefit of the connection as well. Also, having an enthusiastic peer mentor when I was a freshman has inspired me to become a mentor and contribute myself to assist my mentees with their academic confusion.
CHAN, Chak Him Donald
Peer Mentor Awardee (2020-21)
BSc Economics and Finance, Year 3
This is the second year for me to participate in the Peer Mentoring Program, and I genuinely enjoyed the process… Besides being unable to enjoy normal university life, it was also difficult to organize any social events due to the pandemic. Despite these difficulties, I still tried my best to provide supports and build up their friendships. I hope that my mentees could take part in next year’s mentoring program and build the UST community together.
HUNG, Chak Lung Kenji
Peer Mentor Awardee (2020-21)
BSc Quantitative Finance, Year 2
The SBM Peer Mentoring Program provides meaningful opportunities for business students to help year one students adapt to university life. As senior students, we understand the main concerns and difficulties faced they would face. In the past few months, all Peer Mentors have dedicated themselves to organizing different activities and answering mentees’ questions actively to strengthen their sense of belonging. I encourage all warm-hearted business students to join this Mentoring Program. You will for sure gain valuable experience and expand your social network.
DEODHAR, Aditi Parag
Peer Mentor Awardee (2020-21)
BBA Management, Year 4
Through the Peer Mentoring Program, my mentees and I were both rewarded with an enriching experience of meeting like-minded people, sharing our stories, and learning from each other’s mistakes. It helped me empathize with my fellow students better and also improve my interpersonal skills, while reflecting on my university experiences. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity to serve my fellow HKUST members and help co-create a supportive and engaged community of students!
CHAN, Mei Kei Maggie
Peer Mentor Awardee (2019-20)
BBA IS, Year 2
The true essence of peer mentoring is to grow together. We provide tailor-made advices and help for mentees to excel their university life. On the other side, peer mentees provided precious opportunities for us to interact with more people and boosted our confidence. This is a unique journey which everyone of us learnt a lot. I wish my mentees could join the Peer Mentoring Programme next year to continue the legacy and pass it on.
GUNAWAN, Clarissa
Peer Mentor Awardee (2019-20)
BBA Finance, Year 2
The Peer Mentoring Program has given me the opportunity to create a positive impact toward my mentees, by helping them adapt to the university life and making sure that they make HKUST the best 4 years of their life.
LAW, Cheuk Yin Marco
Peer Mentor Awardee (2019-20)
BBA OM, Year 2
It is not an easy task for the first-year students to adjust to university life – this is why the peer mentors are here to help. We provide mental support and academic advices to our mentees, so that they could decide their pathway and plan ahead. As a mentor, I hope that my mentees would also volunteer to be the next batch of mentors to carry on this tradition and culture.
PANG, Ho Chin Michael
Peer Mentor Awardee (2019-20)
Peer Mentoring is a meaningful experience to contribute in the HKUST community. With sharing and support, freshmen can adapt to university life and choose their ideal path to develop. I am grateful that I have long-lasting friendship with my mentees. I sincerely hope all of my mentees become successful in the future.
Jackson Ho Lam KWOK
Peer Mentee (2018-19)
BSc QFIN, Year 1
My Mentor Henry, actively invites different mentees to join activities and answers enquiries about University life. He is a passionate and enthusiastic mentor that helped me to get through my first year of studies.
April Wing Yin AU
Peer Mentor Awardee (2018-19)
BBA IS and MGMT, Year 3
Mentoring is a sharing process, a two-way communication. I believe that this program is beneficial for both mentees and mentors. We shared our experiences and caring to others. Friendships were established through communication and activities. These positive experiences have inspired me to carry on the habit of helping others.
Anna Gi-peum MOON
Peer Mentor Awardee (2018-19)
BBA IS, Year 2
Whether you are a mentor or a mentee, mentoring is a learning process for both. In this process, I learned that mentoring is not just giving the best advice; mentoring is supporting the mentee to choose his or her best decision. It is my pleasure to be part of the SBM Peer Mentoring program to serve the community and first-year students.
Henry Chun Hung NG
Peer Mentor Awardee (2018-19)
BSc ECOF, Year 2
Being a mentor has been an incredibly fruitful experience, and I encourage anybody with an open heart and open ears to join the program. I enjoy inspiring my mentees by sharing my experience and assisting them to adjust to university life. I sincerely hope I could make an impact on their lives – just like my mentor did.