Faculty and Staff Training
Professor Lynn PI
FINA Faculty
Fun and challenging! Great for team building! If your team work well together, you will have a gourmet meal.
Mr. David Boyd-Thomas
Communication Tutor
In the “Sip & Sign: An Inclusive Latte Art workshop” , the “sip” part appealed to me as a coffee drinker; but it was the “sign” that was most beneficial and inspiring! Through the invaluable and lively participation of the founder and team from My Little Coffee (most of the staff are deaf) we were not only given hands-on training in the art of making lattes but also introduced to sign language. Thank you for organizing such a meaningful activity!
Professor Yang LU
ECON Faculty
I recently had the pleasure of attending an outing event with my colleagues to make mosaic art lamps, and I have to say, it was an incredible experience. The event was very well organized, and it provided the perfect opportunity for us to connect outside of work while also learning about Turkish culture. The laid-back atmosphere made it easy to unwind and enjoy ourselves, and it was a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the semester. Overall, I would highly recommend this outing to anyone looking for a fun, educational, and engaging activity to do with colleagues or friends.
Ms. Winnie Hung
Instructional Assistant
MARK Department
It was a fabulous afternoon with colleagues in this Christmas Wreath Workshop. When we stepped into the room, the fresh pine scent and cozy ambience were inviting and relaxing. It’s not often that I get the chance to spend a couple of hours doing something creative in such nice surroundings. The preparation and detailed instructions from Bonart were wonderful. Thank you for organizing such an enjoyable experience and now we have beautiful festive decorations in the office for this Christmas!
Professor Sujata VISARIA
ECON Faculty
I very much enjoyed the indoor climbing workshop organiZed by the Karen Lee Mentoring Centre. The training allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and try something that I would not have done on my own. We were a cooperative, positive-minded group. Everyone supported and encouraged everyone else. I'm very glad to have colleagues like these. Special shout-out to Lynn Pi who was my partner in the final challenge!
Mr. Forrest Kam
Assistant Manager
SBM Undergraduate Programs Office
Through the Outdoor Bound workshop, I discovered that you can accomplish more while working as a team. With more communication amongst each other, our team was able to effectively solve many obstacles together. The workshop provided an opportunity to go outside my comfort zone and I look forward to future training sessions.
Ms. Twiggy Wu
Assistant Manager
SBM Undergraduate Programs Office
The Upward Bound workshop made a big impact on me and opened my eyes and mind to all possibilities! I realized that our mind was playing tricks on us and made the challenges look more 'difficult' than they really are! In fact, we are stronger than we think. As advisors, it's important to encourage our students to have the same mentality in the face of challenges and to make the best of every attempt.
Mr. Patrick Megan
Communication Tutor
SBM Undergraduate Programs Office
The Counselling and Wellness workshop held for was an informative and interactive experience. A significant number of useful statistics were presented and plenty of lively discussions were held. I discovered that our students have a lot of different problems that we need to address in our roles as student advisors. Some easy, some not so easy. It was an honor to be invited to this event and thanks to all the organizers.
Professor Carmen NG
MGMT Faculty
The ESCAPE workshop was an exciting experience! Not only did our group enhance teamwork thru various challenging tasks, but also reflected on individual and group processes that happened within the games and how it links to student advising.
Ms. Alice LUI
Program Manager
SBM Undergraduate Programs Office
The workshop reminds me that there is always more than one perspective to an experience, and we should have an open heart to embrace diversity and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual, especially when we are talking to our students. Empathy is one key attribute we should possess and cultivate as an adviser.
Professor Mark MIHOREAN
MGMT Faculty
The MENTAL HEALTH Workshop provided useful insights into some of the challenges and mental health issues that students with difficulties might experience. As HKUST aims to provide a supportive, empathetic community, mentoring will continue to play an important role in guiding students forward in life.