Peer Mentoring Program Committee
LAM, Wing Tung Allison
Peer Mentoring Program Committee, Media Team
BBA OM, Year 2
Being a Peer Mentoring Committee is a rewarding experience for me. We work as a team of 8, organising monthly UG Get-Together, filming Peer Mentoring Programme video together. It is a golden opportunity to expand my social circle, collaborate with others, and connect with students in business school. Being part of the media team, I get to utilise hard skills such as video editing, social media management when working on projects. It is unforgettable to film videos as a team with lots of laughter and support from peers and staff.
CHO, Yuk Ching Eunice
Peer Mentoring Program Committee, Graphics and Design Team
As a Peer Mentoring Committee member of the graphics team, I have the chance to not only help incoming freshman, but also be able to seize this opportunity to practice my leadership skills, support my peers, and work with people from different disciplinary. I was all at sea when I first came into HKUST, where the Peer Mentoring Committee has allowed me to try a lot of new things and has helped me in finding my calling. This is where talents are truly embraced. We plan events, generate design ideas, produce videos, and together we make a positive impact in our HKUST community!
IP, Ching Stephanie
Peer Mentoring Program Committee, Events Team
BBA FINA and OM, Year 3
Peer Mentoring Committee allows me to promote personal growth. Not only can I build relationships with fellows and professors, but also sharpen my event management skills. Involving in the idea generation process for UG-Get-Together and planning the event from scratch, I gain the opportunity to communicate frequently with teammates and SBM staff members. It is also very nice to see the smiling faces of the participants! Join us and meet new faces!
JEON, Sooin
Peer Mentoring Program Committee, Media Team
BBA MARK, Year 2
The Peer Mentoring Program Committee (PMC) is a warm community that acts as a bridge between the Business School and students. It was a great opportunity to enrich my communication, leadership, and media creation skills. I was able to always try something new and turn rough ideas into our team's desired outcomes. One of the projects I enjoyed was producing PMC's first official video starting from scratch with my supportive teammates and staff members. I am truly happy to have made both tangible and intangible memories in my one and only university life.