Take Faculty to Lunch
Professor David HAGMANN
MGMT Faculty
When I was a UG student, a professor invited me to lunch after a seminar. I later became his research assistant and pursued a Ph.D. in the program he recommended. The "Take Faculty to Lunch" program is a fantastic experience, and I would encourage all students (and faculty) to take advantage of enjoying an informal conversation. Talk about anything other than the class; you never know where the conversation will lead!
Yutong WU
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
We not only enjoyed a delightful lunch, but also engaged in many meaningful discussions! This activity gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of content that I wouldn't have learned in class, and I greatly benefited from it.
Professor Martha JEONG
MGMT Faculty
This is a wonderful opportunity for faculty and students to engage with one another in a more casual setting outside the classroom. I’ve had a lovely time at each of these lunches and look forward to meeting more students. Would encourage all students to take different faculty out to lunch!
Linda WU
BSc SGFN, Year 2
It is great to speak more outside the classroom with excellent professors like Professor Martha. "Take Faculty to Lunch" provides both staff and students the awesome opportunity to converse more closely on various topics of interest and connect. Thank you!
Professor Veronique J A LAFON-VINAIS
FINA Faculty
The program is a great way to get to know students on a personal level and be able to understand what they are concerned about. It helps faculty to connect better with the younger generation and to provide them with guidance and support while allowing students to see faculty as relatable human beings rather than remote academics.
BBA FINA, Year 2
“Take Faculty to Lunch” is a great initiative, since it provides a two-way communication platform for students like me to connect with wonderful professors like Veronique. We enjoyed our time and we had so much fun! We talked about our lives, competitions, internships, and we even talked about our families and you will never find it more interesting to discover the primary school life of the professors! It's my pleasure to join such meaningful activity and I am sure you guys would like it too!
Professor Coral PUIG GARRIGO
MARK Faculty
“Take Faculty to Lunch” is a great initiative that provides both faculty and students the opportunity to share some quality time outside the classroom, discuss topics like the most relevant news in the industry, the job market, life experience, give career advice… I feel very flattered and honoured that semester after semester, some students “take me to lunch”, we always have a blast!
Tristen LEE
Having lunch with Professor Coral is such a blast. Time flies with our non-stop conversation. Professor Coral is an expert in her field, I learned a lot from her sharing. She not only offered academic advice but also life goals and pathway reminders that good things take time. It's interesting to see her out of the classroom, and her life story was truly an inspiration to hear. Honoured to have this lunch for students to bond with professors.
Professor Hong XU
ISOM Faculty
"Take Faculty to Lunch" is a great program to extend the communication between faculty and students to a relaxing and personal setting outside of classroom. We talked about topics related to classes, major selection, future career, hobbies, different views on various happenings. I found this program to be an excellent opportunity for meaningful sharing and bonding between faculty and students.
LAM Hiu Laam
BBA IS, Year 2
We enjoyed spending time with Professor Xu. She is friendly and knowledgeable. We talked about learning, hobbies, future plans… Other than obtaining a better understanding of the IS major and the future career prospect, she also inspires us to pursue our goals and dreams. This program is an excellent opportunity for students and professors to bond.
Professor Ekkachai SAENYASIRI
FINA Faculty
“Take Faculty to Lunch” program is a great way for professors to meet students who are eager to explore the possibilities for their future. In addition popular topics such as major selection and career prospects, we also talked about how to set and achieve their goals while enjoying university life and being able to take advantage of the resources and learning environment at HKUST. I enjoyed sharing my life experiences, and learning a lot from students sharing as well.
BSc ECOF, Year 1
Professor Ekkachai has a very interesting personality. From how he started looking for jobs as a student in Thailand to coordinating finance-related programs in HKUST, his life story was truly an inspiration to hear. He provided valuable insights into the QFIN program, how it is different from programs like ECOF or Finance, and whether the program is right for us. He is a very friendly person and it was great to have lunch with him.
Professor Veronique Lafon-Vinais
FINA Faculty
I'm quite flattered that students want to "Take (me) to Lunch"! I very much enjoy sharing insights and advice with my students in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and sharing dim sum is a very good way to do that. It's a win-win situation as I also take the opportunity to find out what our students are thinking so we can keep improving. Thanks to the organizers for a lovely event.
LIN Ho-hao
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Prof. Veronique is definitely the kindest faculty I’ve met in UST. During the lunch, I not only obtained a better understanding towards QFIN and SBM but also heard a lot about how she saw the future trend in HK and the business world would be. It’s always valuable to know the opinions from a professor. Prof. Veronique treated students as her sons. Having the lunch with her really made my day!
Dr. Kelvin MAK
ACCT Faculty
Faculty is just a person… and can be a possible friend! "Take Faculty to Lunch" is conducive to a very relaxed atmosphere where students could know more about their faculty that they are comfortable with. That’s really cool!
BBA ACCT, Year 2
We spent a great time with Kelvin MAK! This event not only gives me the chance to gain more knowledge about studying in UST but also helps us to know more about the business industry in HK. We even talked about how to explore the city, which is so wonderful especially when you're completely new to the environment.