UG Get-Togethers
Zoe HO
BSc QFIN, Year 3
I'm a huge fan of UG Get-Togethers. They always surprise me with the variety of activities, most of which are about celebrating festivals. They've got everything from writing thank-you letters to rocking photo booths with festive props and even mini games. It's the perfect spot to take a quick break between classes, grab some snacks, and gain a sense of accomplishment through winning prizes. Plus, it's a great way to reconnect with my old friends. I love bumping into them there and catching up on all the latest happenings.
Jenny LAM
BBA IS, Year 2
Attending UG Get-Togethers enriched my social life with fun activities, lasting friendships, and unforgettable memories. The gatherings provided an escape from campus stress. I connected with diverse individuals, including UST staff and professors. Beyond the free food and drinks, these events offered a chance to bond with friends and create cherished social memories.
Isabella YU
BBA OM & IS, Year 3
UG Get Togethers helps me make a lot of friends! I went to several special events during festivals with my friends and had good times there. The activities and games are fun and casual, and I can freely chat with the fellow students there. It is also fun to see a lot of people from different backgrounds and countries connected together through laughter and fun times. These amazing memories and experience helped me through my downtimes and will always support me.
Tracy LEE
BBA FINA & IS, Year 3
UG Get-Togethers provided us with a wonderful opportunity to socialize. While escaping the stress and tension, we enjoyed the free food and interact with friends. One of the most memorable events to me is photo-taking booth. We could enjoy the Halloween vibe and leave good memories. Not at all, we have the golden chance to get to know more UST staff and professors. Overall, it is a very nice chance to make friends!
Giancarlo GONZAGA
I make it a point not to miss any UG Get-Togethers. And it’s not just about the free food and drinks (think pizza, iced tea, and chocolates galore!), the colorful seasonal decorations, or even the photo booths with tons of whimsical paraphernalia. It’s about taking a break from stress and tension on campus. It’s about spending time with friends, professors, and classmates, and getting to know them better (especially those acquaintances we pretty much only ever meet once). UG Get-Togethers are about the thrilling opportunities to make fun social memories that stay with us past exams, past vacations, and even past graduation.
BBA ACCT, Year 1
UG Get-together allows me to know more people in SBM - students, professors, and the people working behind the scenes: the staffs! The setting of this event is much more casual than a class setting, enabling the students to know the staffs and faculties in a more personal way. Overall, it is very nice to chat, laugh, and snack together with the people in SBM!
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
UG Get-Togethers are the perfect opportunity to make friends! These special events have everything needed to start a conversation, including food, drinks, and sofas where you can relax, have fun and communicate with fellow students and professors. At the gatherings, I made friends from all over the globe! As a freshman, I am surprised at all the different nationalities. Nevertheless, I like to be in this great society, surrounded by these brilliant people.
BBA ACCT, Year 2
I think the most unforgettable events during my first year in HKUST is the UG Get-Together. All the students and professors could come to have a cozy afternoon tea. Through this activity I get to know more friends who I haven’t know the name before, I also have chance to chat with different professors. It reduces the distance between students and teachers.
Raymond CHAN
BBA FINA & IS, Year 3
UG Get Together is a great way to expand your social cycle within the university. Diverse professors, staff, and students come together to share their experiences. At this activity, students can obtain information on academics, university life, and different cultures. Snacks and drinks are provided by SBM. Just enjoy the time and meet more friends!!